Giving Big Voices to Small Business

Our heart belongs to helping small business, start-ups, non-profits, churches, local governments and law enforcement, community groups, schools and students, communicate their hearts.


How can we help you?

Have a story to tell?

Let Christy help you develop the perfect promotional video for your business or non-profit. From scripting to full production, let Christy help you tell your one-of-a-kind story and impact your bottom line!

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Need a Press Release?

Want the world to know about your business and the good works you're doing? Let Christy craft your press release and guide you in targeting the best media outlets so the best words get out to the best people!

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Corporate and Government Speechwriting

If you're running your own business or running a town, you're too busy to write a big speech. But the invitations to speak never stop coming! With more than three decades experience crafting keynote addresses for leaders at the highest levels of government to industry and association titans, let Christy take the writing worry away from you.

Let's Work On Your Speech

Public Speaking Coaching

It's time to face the music! If you're an entrepreneur or on your way to becoming one, learning public speaking skills – and embracing opportunities to face and audience – will have a tangible impact on your business and build your confidence. Let Christy show you her #funnyfrankfast technique and replace stress with, YES! Bring on that microphone!

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Speak Write! Corportate and Classroom Training

Let C3 visit your office, classroom or group and train your team on how to both present and write effectively and efficiently – with flare!

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Resume Writing, Analysis and Recrafting

Knowing how to set your resume apart from the rest in the pile can get you in the door – or lock you out! Our C3 team includes a highly qualified and practiced human resources, recruiting and people development professional, with more than 30-years' experience working and hiring for diverse companies such as Apple, L'Occitane en Provence, and major Fortune 500 companies.

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What others have to say

Lere Robinson

Alive Again, LLC

"... her talk left me laughing, then crying, then praising God for His sense of humor and unimaginable big plans for our lives."

Amy Dubois

Columbia International University

"My students were both interested in and encouraged by what Christy had to share, and I found her stories of great encouragement to me personally, too."

Christy Todd

Riverland Hills Baptist Church

“Christy spoke directly to the hearts of a group of young moms in our church and had all of us laughing ... We will definitely have her back!"